In 2014, Anna McCracken identified the need for flexible and individualized dog walking in Islington. As a result, and with a lot of help from Frankie, the in-house pug,It's a Dog's Life Islington was created.


It’s a Dog’s Life focuses on one main thing: keeping your dog happy, healthy and focused! With this in mind, we have created a new, more tailored approach to every new dog that joins the team. At It’s a Dog’s Life, all dogs are stimulated both mentally and through exercise, while working on important commands such as recall, and basic social skills. To top it off, tasty rewards are always on hand for those who listen and follow instructions!



What makes us special?

We pride ourselves on being completely embedded in the N1 community. This includes weekly Dog Club attendance, as well as walking and playing in local parks. All of the services are delivered by foot, which means walkers and dogs get plenty of time together. For safety reasons, and to ensure all dogs get the attention they deserve, no more than four dogs are walked at any given time. The ability to offer street walks as well as off-lead walks in parks ensures that dogs are getting the appropriate stimulation, while learning how to exist as part of a pack. All of this accompanied by regular photos sent to owners throughout the day, because who doesn’t love seeing what their dog is up to whilst they’re at work? Check out our Welcome Pack for more information!


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