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Muddy Dog Challenge... Excepted

Updated: May 22, 2022

It's a Dog's Life is Getting Muddy for Battersea

What pup doesn't love getting their paws muddy?

We are getting muddy for the Battersea Muddy Dog Challenge on Saturday 11th June at the Stansted event.

The Muddy Dog Challenge Stansted is a 2.5K and 5K obstacle course you can take with your dog by your side. Regardless if you’re keen to run, or would rather walk, dog lovers, can tackle the course with furry friends and family. And whether your doggo pal is diving into the sticky paws tyres filled with mud or flying through the mutt maze, they’ll have an amazing day raising essential funds for the Battersea's dogs and cats. Just prepare yourself for a day of mud, sweat, and (furry) ears!

By taking part and fundraising for Battersea, It's a Dog's Life team and clients are helping provide love and care for the thousands of dogs and cats that come into Battersea's care, and even those that might never find their way to a Battersea center.

The Stansted Muddy Dog Challenge will be held at the beautiful Elms Farm Estate. On the Hertfordshire, Essex border, this venue is just a 10-minute drive from Bishops Stortford.

The Team Has Each Chosen Their Contenders

How can you help us fundraise?

We have set up a JustGiving page to help raise funds for this event just follow the link here!

Our target is to raise £2,000 to help support Battersea and its fantastic work, care, and the love they give to over 7,000 dogs that need to be looked after.

It's a Dog's Life hope you can help us reach our target with however much you can, and there will be plenty of mud, sweat, and tears photos and video footage of the event on our Instagram page... keep an eye out for them!

Another way to help us fundraise is by sharing our Instagram posts and stories on our JustGiving page and promoting the charity event.

We are so excited about this team challenge for a cause close to our hearts and are always so thankful for our clients' and friends' support.

You Can Join Our Team!!

We welcome anyone else who wants to join us on this muddy adventure. If you would like to take part in the muddy dog challenge with us then you can join our team via this link here! All you will need to do is register with the Muddy Dog challenge Battersea website and use the team name It’s a Dog’s Life or using Anna McCracken.

Let's get Muddy for Battersea!!!

Links for Fundraising and Event Information

Join our team - It's a Dog's Life

It's a Dog's Life Instagram - @itsadogslife.islington

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