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Let Them Eat Treats

Updated: May 3, 2022

Quill's Pet Food 100% Natural

Straight Outta Islington

Quill's Pet Food offers a delicious range of 100% Natural dog treats & chews all dogs and felines too. Their treats are free from artificial preservatives, additives and look to imitate our furry friend's natural diet.

100% British ovals dried to pawfection. Packed full of essential minerals and vitamins, our 'Delicious Bites' might actually be the reason they're 'man's best friend'.

An Islington local business Quill’s Pet Food is a small business for Islington resident dogs and cats, proving doorstep delivery of natural treats and chews.

"Every Dog Has It's Day, Everyday!"

Quill's Pet Food business owner Djibrile, explained in our last Quill's blog (read here) that natural diet research results show benefits such as; Improved digestion, Increase in energy and Support for the immune system; Improved coat & fur, Improved oral hygiene, and entertainment. More importantly, natural treats and chews are stepping away from starch filling, artificial preservatives, additives and instead move closer to imitating a diet your pet has evolved to eat.

Quill's Testimonial (What the Pawrents say)

Zeus will do literally anything to get his paws on these treats and I'm happy to know they 100% natural. @zeus_blucorso

Sage & Storm go crazy for these treats. I don't ever see them get that excited about thier other ones. @caitlinvmaire

I think it important to support small business and Quill's Pet Food seem to always get it right. Great friendly customer service and Kilko seems to absolutely loves the treats. I would definitely recommend. @fleekedbyfee


We love Quill's Pet Food and believe in the health benefits that the natural treats and chews promote for our pets. Would any of It's a Dog's Life blog readers use natural treats and chews for their dog? What is your dog's favorite Quill's Pet Food Treat? Let us know what you think.

Pawfect Gift

'Let them eat treats' the healthy way this year and use the discount code 'Itsadogslife' 10% off your Quill's Pet Food order.


Instagram: @quillspetfood


Facebook: Quillspetfood

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