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Quill's Pet Food Interview

Islington's 100% natural and raw

The RAWVALUTION is Here! And at the forefront of the movement is Islington local Djibrile Batrane, this 27-year-old Phycology student and animal lover is the co-founder of Quill's Pet Food.

We wanted to speak with Djibrile about his inspiration behind Quill's Pet Food and what exactly does a raw pet food diet look like for our pets. He also told us a little about himself and the other co-founder of Quill's Pet Food, his cat Quill.

So tells about yourself and the story behind your business?

Hi, I’m Djibrile Batrane, I’m an Islington local and part-owner of Quill’s Pet Food. A small business exclusively for Islington resident dogs and cats, proving doorstep delivery of natural treats, chews and raw balanced meals. Quill’s pet food’s other founder is my very vocal, attention-seeking 5-year-old Bengal cat. His name is Quill Rubeus Amicus Vader. Quill after Peter Quill (aka Star-Lord) of guardians of the galaxy. Rubeus as in Hagrid Rubeus from Harry potter. Then we have Amicus which is Latin for Companion or friend. And lastly Vader. After Darth Vader, the most iconic character of the Star Wars franchise. Yes, I’m a bit of a nerd.

Surprisingly up until the age of about 21 I had a huge fear of cats due to a traumatising experience which occurred when I was about 9. It involved some kittens and me in a very woolly jumper. But fast forward a few years and I’ve managed to flip my phobia into an obsession and a toxic relationship with my cat (He’s very self-centred and I’m an enabler). Anyways, the idea of Quill’s pet food came about with Quill obviously. Me wanting to be a better-equipped pawwrent, I started to look at pet nutrition and different diet options when I stumbled upon raw feeding. Quill took to it easily and seemed to be benefiting from it. So I started putting his meals together myself following appropriate recipes of offal’s, muscle meats, bones and fish oils. Then having built on my knowledge about pet nutrition I confidently approached some friends and family who had dogs, asking if they’d be up for switching to a more natural diet. They agreed and the rest is history as they say. Now I make it my business to spread awareness and provide a more natural option of pet food here in our community.

Quill with those hungry eyes

Why is raw food a better diet option for our pets?

I’ve seen dogs and cats perform many tricks from sitting to playing dead to even winning Britain’s got talent with a dancing act. But never have I seen a pet pick up a pan and skillet and start cooking. So why is a raw diet puzzling to some when to me it just makes sense. Not to mentions, a BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, or Bones) diet does come with loads of testable benefits such as; Improved digestion, Increase in energy and Support for the immune system; Improved coat & fur, Improved oral hygiene just to list a few. Putting your pet on a BARF diet means more fibre, nutrients and entertainment. It’s a diet with many testimonials of pets reaching optimal health. More importantly, it’s a diet stepping away from starch filling, artificial preservatives, additives and instead moves closer to imitating a diet your pet has evolved to eat. However, I know the raw feeding debate is contemporary and never-ending and I’m not naive to say definitively that it is a better option for all. It’s come down to a combination of the pet, its health and the lifestyle of both the pet & pawrent.

What is the number best selling Quill’s product for doggos?

Oooo that’s an easy one. It would have to be our 100% natural “Delicious Bites – Chicken & Beef’. Dogs seem to go crazy over them. They’re an original recipe of chicken, beef liver and homemade salmon paste pieces dried to perfection. But there isn’t anything on our menu your dog isn’t going to like.

Can you tell us more about the production of Quill’s Pet Food and the Importance of inclusivity within the Islington business community? All our products are 100% natural and sourced locally from other businesses in our community. We love putting back into our community and support other local businesses such as our Butcher on Chapel market or the farmers market stalls where we sometimes get our vegetables and fruit from. Being community-based is where it is at, we love getting to know our neighbours on a more personal level and networking with other pet businesses like the fantastic dog walkers at It's a Dog's life. We want to ensure ‘Every dog has its day’ every day (our motto). What does the future look like for Quill’s Pet Food?

Humbly, in the long run, I’d love the idea of having a small shop in our community, offering Islington produced natural pet food and treats. We have no plans for monopolising markets or world domination. We’ll at least I don’t but I can’t speak for Quill. In all seriousness though, we’re very content with the idea of selling locally in our community but spreading wider awareness. The short term we’re working on marketing, getting more Islington dogs on board and working to make our packaging more sustainable and eco-friendly. And lastly, if you could describe yourself as a doggo which breed would you?

If I was a dog? Mmmmm, my ego would probably have me believing I’m a very cool Weimaraner. They’re stubborn, intelligent, aloof and energetic. Traits I would like to think I Identify with.

Quill's No 1 Fan, Frankie Pug

A big thanks to Djibrile, for taking the time to answer our question. For information on Quill's Pet Food and the BARF diet follow the links below. Also, keep an eye out for our winter give away in collaboration with Quills and other doggo brands.


Instagram: @quillspetfood

Facebook: Quillspetfood

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