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Beavertown Hounds A Grooming Sensation

In this week’s blog, we wanted to tell you all about our friends at Beavertown Hounds. Beavertown Hounds is a dog grooming studio located in the heart of London’s De Beauvoir Town, on the border of Islington and Hackney.

It was time for Frankie Pug to get a post lockdown trim, so we sent her to find out what grooming treatments they provide for our doggos.

Adrian Scissor Hands

The man behind the grooming kit

Owner and head groomer Adrian Smith started the studio after finding himself at a crossroads when offered redundancy from a 20-year career in PR:

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I only knew I didn’t want to go back into the PR industry. It had become all about ‘influencers’, and the fun part of the job - interacting with journalists - evaporated.”

Thoroughly fed up with office politics, and the work commute, Adrian was inspired to find a way to earn a living from home. A chance meeting in Shoreditch Park while walking his English Bulldog, Blanche, changed everything. “ I was chatting to a fellow dog walker who was frustrated that she was unable to get an appointment at any of the local dog groomers’, for what seemed like an extraordinary amount of time. I just thought ‘Eureka!’, I could do that! It was a revelatory moment.”

Blanche the bulldog

So, after investing in training (under award-winning dog groomer, Julie Lalou) and a studio on De Beauvoir Road, Adrian has been busy building up a growing local clientele during 2020 “I offer a totally one-to-one, personal service - not a production line. The welfare of the pets in our care is paramount, and we make sure dogs are happy and content during their groom, taking into consideration the animal’s age and temperament.

Adrian grooms all breeds to an excellent standard and has a particular interest in doodles of all descriptions and hand-stripping So if your faithful friend’s in need of full groom or just a bath, brush and nails clipped visit Beavertown Hounds…

Frankie goes to Beavertown

We wanted to support Adrian’s new business venture and send Frankie Pug for her post lockdown groom.

Frankie's before picture

Arriving at the studio Frankie is welcomed by Adrian and his dog Blanche, who is just the sweetest bulldog and one of Frankie best bitches. Frankie immediately feels calm and comfortable.

And Frankie is ready to be spoiled.

At Beavertown they only use cruelty-free, natural shampoos and treatments.

Adrian is a total professional and an absolute joy with Frankie pug. He is knowledgeable and understanding to her certain needs.

She's A New Dog

Frankie after her groom; she’s happy and looking fabulous. Left spoiled with treats and was even given groovy bandana afterwords.

Frankie gives Beavertown Hounds five paws 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 out of five.


WhatsApp: 07305236582

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