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Embedded in the local area of Islington is the bonnie Barnsbury Square Gardens.

(Luna dog in Barnsbury Square Gardens)

Barnsbury Square is a small gated park, perfect for the local dogs to play safely with fellow doggos. You will find other dog owners having a bit of banter together while their dogs have a runaround.


What Happens in Dog Club Stays in Dog Club

What makes Barnsbury Square Gardens special for local dog owners is Dog Club. They host Dog Club on Tuesdays from 1-2pm and on Saturdays, 11am-1pm.

Local dog owners meet together with their dogs and can help themselves to teas and coffee… perfect for autumn. Allowing their dogs to socialize with other dogs. Many of them are already a part of the It’s a Dogs Life pack!! They get to run around and play amongst the leaves.

This is also a great place for dog owners to chat about important things such as local vets, dog-friendly pub and what’s the best treats on the market.

It’s especially great for new dog owners to learn about the best areas for dog walking, local dog walkers, dog daycare and dog boarding. Also, what toys are recommended, food ideas, grooming products and the coolest dog jacket brand (we recommend Hundr see our previous blog)

Barnsbury Square Gardens is also a safe place to share your most ridiculous and embarrassing dog stories that other dog owners will only understand. Because we all know our dogs love to stitch us up at times too, stealing food from your pal's kids, trying to hump things they shouldn’t, peeing on your gran's new sofa and causing an absolute uproar at social gatherings - all we can do is laugh.


Not just Barnsbury

We also recommend Thornhill Square Gardens. They offer Dog Club the same days and times as Barnsbury and the dog banter is just as good. Thornhill Square


Scoop the poop

The great thing about both Barnsbury and Thornhill Gardens is the clean space.

Local dog owners keep these gardens clean by picking up their dog’s poop and respecting the neighbours.

Both parks have plenty of bins and if you have forgotten your poop bags then simply ask another dog owner to use one of theirs. The space is friendly enough and other dog owners understand being caught out when your dog needs to go.


Parakeets Flying Around

These parks are also home to some wildlife, especially parakeets. Let us know of any other wildlife you come across in Barnsbury and Thornhill Square Gardens. Pictures are also welcome.

(Roxy playing in Barnsbury)


  • Barnsbury Square Gardens is located in the Islington area (Dog Club Tuesday 1-2pm & Saturday 11am - 1pm). To find the website click on this link Barnsbury Square Gardens

  • Thornhill Square Gardens (Dog Club Tuesday 1-2pm & Saturday 11am - 1pm) is also located in the Islington area and you can find the park's website by clicking on this link Thornhill Square Garden

  • Find more pictures of dogs on walks check out It's a Dog's Life Instagram

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