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Updated: Dec 29, 2020

We wanted to update you all on our new logo and the story behind the branding changes.

When Anna McCracken, started It’s a Dog’s Life 7 years ago, branding was the last thing on her mind. After all, it's hard to sit down and flip through fonts when your out walking doggos.

Over the last couple of months, we have been working on creating a stronger brand identity, in order to grow the business, and growth is the result of working together.

Anna at work

For instance, for us at It’s a Dog’s Life, we needed to rebrand because we are expanding our product offering. With some cool merch available for our dogs and clients. And building a social media presence will help us be more recognised as a local business within the Islington community. We are hoping the branding changes will help spread the word about our hard work, love and care for our dogs and this will result in more dogs joining our pack.

Let’s make It’s a Dog’s Life the best dog walking business we know it is.


The logo was designed by Raissa Pardini. Raissa is a Glasgow based designer and type lover. We love her groovy 70’s style and felt her designs were the perfect fit for the vision we have, for It's a Dog's Life. The logo also captures Anna's personality perfectly. Growing up, she always loved dogs and animals and the cartoonish style to the font comes from her childhood memories. But the logo also captures her style now, funky and urban with a passion for 70's music and fashion. Most importantly, the logo represents her love for her job, it takes a lot of hard work and it's very rewarding. The fun aspect only comes from the bond between the team and the dogs. It goes beyond dog walking, It's about trust and partnership.

We are so thrilled to show off our new logo and we hope we have your support in helping us spread the word on social media about our business opportunities. After all, it’s down to our clients and dogs that we are here! And your reviews on google and re-posts of support on Instagram are the key to us expanding It's a Dog's life family.


A new website is also in the works at the moment, to make it easier for our clients to use and for a potential client to find us easier online.

The team recently ran a giveaway on our Instagram and we loved seeing you take part. This giveaway was in collaboration with Hundr and Quill's Pet Food. It was a great success! And due to its success, we are planning to do more in the new year. With loads of exciting doggo brands available for your pooch.

We hope you like our new branding and keep an eye out for our t-shirts coming soon.

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