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Bellanger is back with a bark! This dog-friendly Michelin star restaurant is must-visit for you and your best pal.

Traditional French restaurant situated on Islington Green, inspired by the original Alsatian brasseries of Paris. Serves coffee, cake, à la carte dinner and dog treats.

If you want a fancy menu that has reasonable prices then Bellanger is a must-visit. The ambience is relaxed whilst feeling fancy in the glossy, grand cafe-style surroundings. The staff are attentive and most importantly pooch-friendly.

Treat your dining experience as if you were in Paris itself, put on your best frock and make sure your doggo has their most snazzy collar on.

I would book your table sooner rather than later, as Bellanger has only returned as a pop-up until Christmas - We hope it stays open. Paws crossed.

Breakfast at Bellanger is the new Breakfast at Tiffany's... Here is Chelsea Pug dressed in her finest pears, basking in the fabulous atmosphere.

“I love getting dressed up and being spoiled by my dad. And our favourite restaurant to go to is the Bellabger in Angel. Bellanger is the complete doggo dining experience. The staff are welcoming and the air is filled with exquisite food smells. The doggy biscuit is to die for. Highly recommended by this glam pug” - Chelsea Pug review.


Pistachio & Pickle is at the heart of the Islington community. This gem of a coffee bar is on Liverpool Road, it is designed as a hub for locals and their dogs.

Nell stopping by Pistachio & Pickle

The coffee bar serves up the London famous Monmouth coffee, light lunches and cakes. However, we highly recommended the cheese toasties

Nell after a bite

This coffee bar is relaxed and welcoming and a champion of art with vibrant wall space showcasing lots of exciting contemporary work.

But most importantly Pistachio & Pickle are pooch-friendly. Dogs are warmly welcomed with water and attentive to your coffee needs.

Owner Steve is a dog owner himself; His loyal companion, a very handsome, Vizsla called Cooper is an energetic and affectionate presence in the cafe and is always happy to see other local doggos come in and say hi.

Pistachio & Pickle is a must for its relaxed community atmosphere. It’s a big part of the Islington dog walking circle, and you can normally find other dog owners grabbing a coffee before heading to the park.

Nell after her visit

“Pistachio & Pickle is a cool place to hang out with other dogs. I’m always welcomed with hugs from the staff, they always offer water if I need some after a big walk. Totally recommend a visit if you’re in the area” - Nell dog review


Sunday cafe & restaurant can be found quite yet dashing road in Barnsbury.

Who let the dogs out

The ambience is small and cosy and packed with character. This popular spot normal has ques down the street waiting to try some famous french toast and the eggs. The menu is well thought out with eclectic versions of classic dishes.

Your coffee is soothing to taste and very relaxing and there is always a water bowl for the dogs. Sunday will always make room for you and your pooch. Staff are just as attentive to the dogs as human customers. In fact, they may even ask for a picture of your dog for their Instagram.

Sunday recently brought out their own, brunch cookbook The book contains recipes of all the Sunday classics and much more. The chefs put heart & passion into creating brunch dishes for everyone to reproduce at home.

The pack out for brunch

“ Sunday is always a cool place to go for a doggo photoshoot with my pals or a chilled-out brunch with my mum and aunty Sadie. We always have a great time and the staff are super nice” - Frankie Pug review


All three establishments are re-open for business and are practising safety measures. If you can show your support for these local businesses during this strange time then pop in with your dog for a coffee or even a bite to eat.


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