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Unleash joy: the ultimate doggie gift guide

We know that our four-legged friends are more than just pets – they're the heart and soul of the family. So we’ve rounded up our favourite dog-friendly gifts for the festive season – worthy of a slobbery kiss.

From the trendiest toys to cosy comforts and everything in between, our gift guide will get all tails wagging – from sophisticated seniors to playful pups.


In the heart of Devon, England, a company born out of a passion for pets and a commitment to their well-being has been making waves in the world of canine comfort – Equafleece. With a dedication to crafting high-quality, innovative garments for dogs, Equafleece has become synonymous with warmth, style, and unparalleled snugness.

Carrot patch

For the avid gardner or avant gardner, look no further for a gift to keep your pups enriched and entertained. Hide a few healthy treats beneath the carrots, and let your dog dig to their heart’s content!

Carhartt Chore Coat

Carhartt’s dog chore coat is made with firm-hand duck canvas and a water-repellent coating, which protects your pup in light rain and windy weather. The quilted liner adds warmth, while improved tabs at the neck and chest make it simple to take on and off.

Lily’s Advent Calendar

It’s not too late to order an advent calendar! We love this one from Lily’s Kitchen. Pups can enjoy a daily treat in the countdown to Christmas – a selection of three delicious meaty goodies made with top quality ingredients. Just remember, these are day-to-day treats (don’t give in to puppy eyes!).

Mud Daddy

The perfect solution to keeping muddy paws clear of the carpets. This device's unique design uses water pressure instead of a motor, making it completely silent and perfect for cleaning up after dogs without any noise to spook them. Additionally, the Mud Daddy requires no electricity, making it a sustainable and energy-efficient choice.

The ultimate dog balls

An IADL pack-favourite, these dog balls are made of premium TPR thermoplastic elastic rubber – strong and bite-resistant yet lightweight (and they float in water too). Great for exercising your dog and will stand up to their bite!

Sprout plush

Everybody knows Christmas is not complete without sprouts! Whether you love them or hate them, these little guys are a Christmas staple.

Furbo treat dispenser

Perfect for when your little ones are left at home for a few hours. We love Furbo 360° Dog Camera. Hear and speak to your dog, and toss treats on the go! Know what's happening with real-time Barking Alerts.

OUAI Fur Bébé shampoo

Give your pet the care they deserve with OUAI’s specially formulated shampoo, designed to cleanse and hydrate. It's enriched with nourishing ingredients like rambutan seed extract, vegetable protein and panthenol. P.S. It’s totally cruelty free!

Cocopup’s bag bundles

Say goodbye to chaotic poop bags and squished treats in your pockets... and say hello to their all encompassing dog walking bag, featuring a side poop bag dispenser and a treat pouch.

Wild One pet carrier

Travel in style with Wild One’s airline friendly pet carrier. Boasting a sleek, streamlined profile and perforated mesh texture for ultimate breathability, the bag opens to reveal interior cushions that open out to be a comfortable dog bed – ensuring your little jet-setter has a comfortable journey.

Little Beast’s knitwear

Keep ‘em chic this Christmas. This New York-based label has one mission: to make your pooches feel pampered. Their collection includes hoodies, sweaters, tops, bandanas, and matching socks for coordinating humans.

John Lewis’ gingham beds

Chic and super comfortable. This pet bed has a soft cotton exterior and cushioning. The outer cover and gingham cushion are removable and machine washable. It’s available in yellow and gingham, or teal and gingham – and in a variety of sizes, too!

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